Take Control of Your Fear of Flying

May 5 & 6, 2012 at Toronto Pearson Airport

Openings are still available for Shift Cognitive Therapy and De Plour Research and Training’s spring session of our successful workshop on learning to control your fear of flying.

The session occurs in a comfortable boardroom within the SkyService Terminal on the grounds of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and ends with an actual flight to show you that you can cope with your fears. Between 80% and 90% of people who attend the seminar take the flight with us and are pleased with the results.

Three features of our workshop make it work:

  1. Most fearful fliers try to avoid airplane-related content to prevent scary thoughts and feelings, but that only makes it all feel more intense. We teach people to pay greater attention (that’s right: greater attention) to noises, emotions, thoughts and sensations because it’s only by doing so that we learn that we can manage with them.
  2. Many fearful fliers have also experienced difficult and sometimes traumatic experiences at other times in their lives. Frightening things, like car accidents, injuries, losses of important people, and abuse can leave us feeling vulnerable in situations where we don’t have much control (like, on airplanes). Working with the psychologist who co-leads the workshop, we help fearful fliers to talk about those difficult experiences because when they do, they untangle the links they have made between flying and the vulnerability they feel.
  3. Finally, we teach fearful fliers specific strategies and tools to use to cope with and minimize the worries and the bodily sensations we all sometimes feel when flying or doing something new.

Follow this link for prices and registration information.