School Performance Issues

Academic Performance Issues at School

It’s important to be aware of the signs that your child might be having problems at school. When you discover academic problems early, it is easier to get things back on track.

Most children and adolescents experience school performance issues at one time or another. Issues at school come in different forms: poor academic performance, lack of motivation, loss of interest in school work or poor relationships with teachers and/or friends.

Difficulties at school range from mild to severe, they might be short-lived or last for years. Even minor problems can have a negative effect on how a student feels about school and themselves. Students perform better and stay in school longer when their families are involved.

Signs Your Child Might be Experiencing Difficulty at School

Makes excuses to get out of attending a class or classes.
Skips school without your knowledge.
Is not interested in any extra-curricular activities.
Does not want to talk about school.
Seems critical or negative when talking about school.
Describes themselves as ‘not as smart’ as their friends or ‘dumb’.
Refuses to do homework or does not hand in homework.

School issues that are not detected and addressed early can lead to greater problems later in life. Children struggling at school often get labelled as ‘lazy’ or ‘easily distracted’; they often start to believe these labels and start thinking of themselves as ‘troublemakers’ or ‘misfits’. These labels suggest that children are to blame for their academic problems. But school performance issues are usually a sign that children aren’t getting enough support.

Reasons Your Child Might Not be Achieving Academically

Difficulties with self-esteem, communication or social skills
Trouble listening, concentrating or sitting still
Changes in peer relationships
Learning disabilities and/or ADHD
Poor academic support, especially in relation to heavy workloads
Not getting along with teachers or other students at the school
Chronic illness
Anxiety and/or depression
Challenges balancing homework, friends and extra-curricular activities.

Not every student will have academic problems, establishing a strong relationship with your child’s school early and regularly monitoring your child’s progress throughout schooling can help you pick up on early signs of problems. When children fit in at school and feel like they belong, it fuels their confidence. Students that struggle experience a reduced sense of well-being.

If school performance issues do arise, it’s important to seek help from qualified professionals.