How to Cope With Covid

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We have seen a tremendous increase in the number of people seeking support from our psychologists and psychotherapist over this past COVID year. So, if you’ve been feeling stressed, depressed, irritable, or just out of sorts but not sure why, … Read More

The Importance of Self-Regulation

CBC Radio’s program Ideas aired a fascinating documentary on June 16, 2014 about the importance of helping children develop their capacity to self-regulate. The broad category of ‘self-regulation’ refers to a group of abilities that includes being aware of and able to change emotional … Read More

Where is My Mind?

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‘Where are my keys? My glasses? My wallet? Where was I going just now?’ These are questions that we ask ourselves all the time, to check-in, to make sure that we know we have what we should and are still … Read More

Rethinking Depression

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A few years ago, CBC Radio One aired a thought-provoking, 3-part series entitled “Rethinking Depression” on its program Ideas. With the help of a number of local and world-renowned experts in the field, producer Mary O’Connell explores what we know – and what … Read More

Shift Supports #TeamUnbreakable

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Shift Cognitive Therapy + Assessment is very proud to have supported Cameron Helps, a charitable organization whose goal is to protect youth from anxiety, depression and suicide by fostering lifelong exercise through running. Over the past few months, a group … Read More

Reacting AND Responding

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Human survival has always depended on our ability to react to quickly. Acting on instinct, without thought was rewarded by the opportunity to continue living, so our bodies became exceptionally good at it. We’ve never lost that ability. Whenever we … Read More

Dealing with Depression

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Our Guide to Dealing with Depression Almost anyone you know will use the words “I’m depressed” to describe the way they are feeling from time to time. Feeling ‘blue’ or feeling down’ is not the same as suffering from a … Read More