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The brain’s working memory systems are critical for daily functioning because they allow us to hold information while we are using it.


Improve Your Child’s Attention, Behaviour and Capacity to Learn

Working memory is like the mental equivalent of a chalkboard: it temporarily stores the gist of sentences while we finish reading them; it holds maps of our surroundings while someone is giving us directions, and keeps the tally while we do math in our heads.

The greater a person’s working memory capacity, the more information that individual can hold in mind at once and the greater his or her ability to maintain attention, problem solve, control impulses and resist distractions.  Working memory is critical for all learning and reasoning, and is a strong predictor of success in school and in life.

Benefits of  Greater Working Memory

Working memory is critical for student success. A greater working memory capacity translates into:

  • Better focus on-task and improved ability to ignore distractions
  • More effective multi-tasking because individuals can keep the separate demands of each activity in mind longer
  • Better abilities to follow instructions
  • Easier to delay gratification and resist acting on momentary urges
  • Easier to recall and manipulate information in timed settings, like tests and exams
  • Improved performance in math and reading comprehension


Cogmed Working Memory Training

Service PageCogmed strengthens working memory through a set of computerized exercises in the same way that lifting weights builds muscle, and just as attending the gym with a personal trainer is more effective than attending alone, we pair each student with a Certified Cogmed Coach to ensure the best results. Research, drawn from more than 50, peer-reviewed and published studies, shows that Cogmed results in actual changes to the brain systems that support working memory, meaning that results continue to grow beyond the training period.

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Working Memory Checklist*

Working memory might be an issue if your student has more than four of these challenges:

  • He/she has difficulties remembering long instructions or a chain of instructions (e.g. following directions or a cooking recipe).
  • He/she has a hard time staying focused on (school) work if he/she isn’t extremely motivated.
  • He/she has a hard time with problems that require holding information in mind, such as math word problems or mental arithmetic.
  • He/she makes more mistakes than his/her peer group when trying to complete a task in a hurry.
  • He/she often seems to be on the go or hyperactive.
  • He/she has difficulty organizing tasks (e.g. planning the order in which tasks should be done, and knowing how long it will take to complete).
  • He/she has difficulty taking in information longer sentences, and needs to read it several times to remember and understand content.
  • He/she is very particular – so much so that everything takes a long time.
  • He/she has problems staying with the thread of a conversation or story (both listening and speaking).
  • He/she is often daydreaming in situations when they are expected to listen.
  • He/she has trouble organizing the daily details, such as starting and completing tasks, and arriving to places on time prepared.
  • He/she is easily distracted.
  • He/she is uncertain about time (e.g. has a poor understanding of how long an hour is) or has difficulties being on time.
  • He/she often fidgets and becomes restless and bored in situations that require focus and concentration.

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