CBT and Medication

Medication to Manage Symptoms



Many medications are currently available to help you manage the symptoms of mental and emotional issues. While it is still not clear exactly how medications like antidepressants and anxiolytics work, they have been found to help many people feel better and improve their functioning.

Unlike antibiotics, which can completely resolve problem symptoms by killing the bacteria that cause them, antidepressants, sedatives and anxiolytics do not offer long-term solutions to mental or emotional symptoms. They can often begin to reduce symptoms within a few weeks, but once a person stops taking them, then symptoms can return, especially if nothing in that person’s life or way of viewing stressors has changed in the meantime.

For that reason, a combination of medication and CBT is usually the most effective option: Medications reduce symptoms in the short-term, paving the way for people to learn and practice the cognitive behaviour therapy skills that will prevent symptoms from returning more permanently.

Can Psychologists Help With Medication?



Only physicians and psychiatrists can prescribe medications for your symptoms. As psychologists, we can work with you and your medical professional to recommend and help evaluate the best course of treatment for your particular issues and needs.

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