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    Catherine Crea, MSW RSW

    Although I spent much of my childhood thinking I would be a teacher when I grew up, I realized in my twenties that wasn’t the path for me. Instead, I became a social worker, which allowed me to bring my interest in teaching together with my desire to help others. Counselling work allows me to get to know people more fully, to really listen with an empathic ear, and to learn how each client views themselves in the world. From there, we work together to help them become the best versions of themselves, connect with core values and strengthen ‘the muscles of the mind’ needed to move forward successfully.

    I believe that empathizing is one of the most important therapeutic skills. It creates relationships that feel comfortable and provides the safety many people need to begin addressing the painful parts of themselves they usually hide from others. From that workspace, I use a variety of evidence-based therapy practices to support clients as they build the skills needed to manage the challenges of their lives.