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    Dr. Leeor Granite, PsyD.

    When anyone asks why I became a clinical neuropsychologist, I give them a very simple answer: It brings together my deep passions for helping people and for understanding the connections between brain function, emotions, and behaviour. These elements make every person unique in their own way. As the well-known saying goes, “no one size fits all” and this is something I firmly believe. So, as a therapist, my overall goal is to help patients improve the quality of their lives through individualized treatments that are sensitive to their unique needs and backgrounds, and in ways that create the kind of safety and care that allow for open and real conversations.

    Clinically, I focus on issues that include anxiety, worry, social fears, panic attacks, and phobias, depression, stress and anger, sleep and time-management issues, challenges with relationships and intimacy, life-transition issues, including career challenges and burn out.

    I graduated with my Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University in Chicago, Illinois, and a Bachelor of Science, Specialized Honours Degree in Psychology from York University. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at Goodwill Neurorehabilitation in Portland, Maine, focusing on the assessment and treatment of individuals who sustained diverse brain injuries and cognitive difficulties associated with other medical issues. I also had clinical training including practicums at the University of Chicago Medical Centre, Rush University Medical Centre, and Princess Margaret Hospital.