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    Couples Therapy

    Relationships Are the Most Important Thing

    Human beings need relationships to survive, especially when we’re young. That never changes, and as we grow, we transfer our needs for care to friends and, eventually to our relationship partners. Conflict within those primary relationships can be extremely upsetting and interfere in every aspect of life. That’s why couples therapy can be such a useful thing to do, especially when there is conflict or persistent problems that prevent effective communication. Marriage counselling can also strengthen a relationship that’s already doing pretty well.

    Choosing a couples therapist

    Couples need to feel safe and at ease with their therapist, so finding the right fit for both parties is essential for successful counselling. Our therapists stay impartial because we know couples therapy works best when we view the relationship as ‘The Client’. Whatever is best for the relationship benefits each partner the most. We provide a safe environment where both partners can feel heard and understood.

    Marital Counselling Strategies

    We use several types of treatment approaches when dealing with communication problems in relationships. But the most common treatment we use is Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples. EFT works by focusing on the patterns and repetitive cycles of conflict within important relationships. For instance, most couples tend to get along well until something happens and throws their relationship ‘off the rails’. In moments like that, one or both partners might misinterpret the actions or intentions of the other, often jumping to conclusions that the other just doesn’t care. This can lead to problem reactions that spin the cycle around again.

    EFT and other couples / marriage counselling approaches enable our clinicians to understand the needs of both members of the couple. We provide techniques to build skills and help the couple overcome the repetitive arguments so common in long-term relationships.

    Thinking About Couples Therapy?

    Get in touch with our office if you’re thinking about going for marriage or couples counselling with your partner. We’ll listen to what you’re going through and tell you what we can offer here in our Oakville offices.