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    Professionals and Executives

    Professional life can be complicated

    Professionals, business executives and the people who work for them can lead very busy and often terribly imbalanced lives. Long commutes, long hours and tight deadlines can leave a person feeling exhausted and spread too thinly. Add in the fact that some corporate cultures prioritize productivity over people, and it is easy to understand why some people really struggle. Workplace conflict, office politics, toxic bosses and coworkers, and unreasonable deadlines or workloads can strain even the strongest, most competent person. And, because success in the workplace usually involves competing against others, most people try to hide the fact that they’re struggling. They figure it isn’t worth risking a bonus or promotion by having others think they’re not cut out for the job?

    Psychologists are Experts

    Although we’re not executive coaches, registered psychologists are experts at helping executives and businesspeople to explore themselves and change behaviours that might be keeping them from achieving that next step in productivity or career. We help people overcome the anxiety and fear that fuels self-doubt and interferes when giving presentations or leading meetings. We help you regain your perspective, so you can re-find your focus and decide on the next steps in your career. Psychologists are also experts at diagnosing anxiety and depression, as well as other conditions that can indicate when a certain job might no longer be as good a fit with a person as it once was.