How to Cope With Covid

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We have seen a tremendous increase in the number of people seeking support from our psychologists and psychotherapist over this past COVID year. So, if you’ve been feeling stressed, depressed, irritable, or just out of sorts but not sure why, … Read More

In-Person Visits Starting August 2020

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We just want to let you know that Ali Shahrami and Dr. Ian Shulman will gradually start resuming face-to-face sessions in early August for clients who would like to meet in-person. The other members of our clinical team will continue … Read More

Belly Breathing For Anxiety and Stress

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Belly Breathing Calms Body and Mind Belly breathing is an easy way to reduce anxiety and calm the body and mind. It engages the diaphragm, the muscle deep within the chest that plays a major role in respiration, and also … Read More

We’re Open — Virtually

It’s early June, and we’re still social distancing. We just learned that Halton Region will have to wait another few weeks before we can begin to think about re-opening our doors to in-person appointments. But in the meantime, we’ve gotten … Read More

You can still count on us.

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Dear Clients, We hope you and the people you care about are in good health and managing well, given the new realities of life with COVID-19. Even though our doors are closed, our lights are very much on here at … Read More

Coronavirus Anxiety

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If you’re like me, your email and social media feeds are blowing up with all things coronavirus. Unfamiliar things are happening and there are many things up in the air.  You may be wondering exactly how long the kids will … Read More

How to Cope With the Stress of Coronavirus

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Hi. I’m Dr. Ian Shulman from Shift Cognitive Therapy in Oakville. It’s March Break 2020 and we’re all stuck at home for what we hope won’t be for too long a time. But that’s the thing about where the world … Read More

Coronavirus Office Update for March 19

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While our physical office is closed during the week of March 16 – 20 for a renovation, we remain open administratively and continue to offer most of our usual clinical services by telephone and videoconferencing apps. We intend to continue … Read More

The Importance of Self-Regulation

CBC Radio’s program Ideas aired a fascinating documentary on June 16, 2014 about the importance of helping children develop their capacity to self-regulate. The broad category of ‘self-regulation’ refers to a group of abilities that includes being aware of and able to change emotional … Read More

Anxiety – Automatic Protection

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Anxiety and panic attacks are among the most common reasons people are referred to psychologists. An initial part of learning how to cope with anxiety is understanding what it actually is. Looking at our modern world, it can be surprising … Read More

The Teen Trap

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We regularly see older teens and young adults who feel anxiety and worry when they think about taking their next steps towards school or career. They tell us they often feel bothered by physical symptoms of stress, like tension, irritability, … Read More

Where is My Mind?

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‘Where are my keys? My glasses? My wallet? Where was I going just now?’ These are questions that we ask ourselves all the time, to check-in, to make sure that we know we have what we should and are still … Read More

Support the MS Society of Canada

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The holiday season is here. With it comes shopping, eating , visiting and the stress of trying to get it all done. It might be surprising to learn that adding one more thing to your To Do list can help … Read More

Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples

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Emotion Focused Therapy for couples is a short-term therapy, usually lasting between 8 and 20 sessions. Research demonstrates that it is effective, with most outcome studies showing more than a 70% rate of recovery from marital distress in 10 – 12 sessions. The … Read More

Rethinking Depression

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A few years ago, CBC Radio One aired a thought-provoking, 3-part series entitled “Rethinking Depression” on its program Ideas. With the help of a number of local and world-renowned experts in the field, producer Mary O’Connell explores what we know – and what … Read More

Anxiety… Who’s The Boss?

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Before making big decisions, many people consult with others first, people who they believe are qualified to help them weigh their options. In the workplace, you might seek the opinion of a particular person because they have the most knowledge … Read More

How Do I Want to Feel?

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This is an important question to get into the habit of asking because by asking it we learn that we can actively change how we feel. Yet it’s a question most people often don’t consider because of the idea that … Read More

What To Expect at Couples Therapy

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What To Expect at Couples therapy? There is often nothing scarier in a relationship than when your partner tells you they want you to come for marriage counselling. The very first reaction is usually some amount of fear, followed closely … Read More

Cognitive Therapy vs Psychotherapy

What is the Difference Between Cognitive Therapy vs. Psychotherapy? There are a wide variety of treatments for behavioral and emotional problems. So, it can be an overwhelming task to choose the right treatment or therapy. Before picking a treatment plan … Read More

The Anxiety Feedback Loop

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The human body values survival so highly that it devotes a large portion of its energy resources to watching for and reacting to potential dangers. The ‘fight-flight reaction system’ is our built-in mechanism to focus attention and help us manage … Read More

Anxiety and Stranger Things

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The Lessons Stranger Things Provides about Anxiety Don’t you love it when you can learn about life’s great lessons from Netflix? You may or may not be a fan of the show “Stranger Things”. If you are, you probably had … Read More

Shift Supports #TeamUnbreakable

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Shift Cognitive Therapy + Assessment is very proud to have supported Cameron Helps, a charitable organization whose goal is to protect youth from anxiety, depression and suicide by fostering lifelong exercise through running. Over the past few months, a group … Read More

Feeling Good After Therapy

What Is Psychotherapy Really Like? by Dr. Lisa Dulgar-Tulloch, Psychologist This came across my desk recently courtesy of an old hairstylist and the post got me thinking, “What do people think they ‘should’ feel as they walk out of a therapy session? … Read More

Set An Intention and Do It

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Standing at the finish of the Sporting Life 10K this morning, watching several thousand of the estimated 23,000 runners cross the line, it was hard not to notice the differences among them. Some crossed the line in focused sprints, putting … Read More

Reacting AND Responding

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Human survival has always depended on our ability to react to quickly. Acting on instinct, without thought was rewarded by the opportunity to continue living, so our bodies became exceptionally good at it. We’ve never lost that ability. Whenever we … Read More

What Causes Panic Attacks & Disorders?

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What Causes Panic Attacks? Panic attacks are brief episodes of intense fear that can come on completely unexpectedly and, in some cases, develop into a panic disorder. Anxiety is a very normal part of everyday life, and not everyone who … Read More

Anxiety Disorders: Our Complete Guide

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Throughout the course of human history, our bodies have adapted to deal with different kinds of stress. Our fight or flight response, governed by our autonomic nervous system which works outside of our conscious awareness, was originally designed to help … Read More

Common Relationship Communication Problems

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Relationship Communication Issues All of us are involved in a series of relationships: intimate partners, parent/child, friendships, extended family, coworkers, etc. The truth is that relationships have wonderful times and difficult, challenging times. All relationships experience conflict. Managing conflict can … Read More

Dealing with Depression

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Our Guide to Dealing with Depression Almost anyone you know will use the words “I’m depressed” to describe the way they are feeling from time to time. Feeling ‘blue’ or feeling down’ is not the same as suffering from a … Read More