• Dr. Adetola Grillo

    Meet Dr. Adetola Grillo, the newest member of our team of mental health professionals at SHIFT Cognitive Therapy. A registered psychologist, Adetola began her career in Nigeria, managing teams and projects for Médecins Sans Frontières. She earned a Masters degree in International Health and Management in Scotland, UK, before beginning work on her PhD in Clinical Psychology. Emigrating to Canada, she settled in North Bay, Ontario and worked in dementia research with Nipissing University while completing her licensing requirements with The College of Psychologists of Ontario.

    Dr. Grillo brings a wide range of skills and experience into her clinical practice, including knowing first-hand what it’s like to emigrate between continents. She says psychotherapy works best when people feel heard and respected, and when client and therapist work collaboratively towards their goals.

    Dr. Grillo is available for virtual sessions with adult clients. CBT and DBT are the two approaches she uses most often.