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At Shift Cognitive Therapy, we really want you to get the help you need and we want to feel truly taken care of in the process. Because we always have to protect our clients and their privacy, we’re not allowed to show reviews or glowing testimonials about how we’ve helped other people with their anxiety, depression, stress or relationship issues. So, instead, we decided to offer staff bios that demonstrate that we’re all very real people who love the work we do and truly care about our clients.

Read our bios, explore our new and beautiful website and, when you’re ready,give us a call, send us a message or email to open the door to feeling better. We’ll call you back and spend a few minutes with you on the phone. We’ll listen to what you’re looking for and tell which of our therapist would be the best fit for you. We’ll also tell you if we think your needs might be better served by another practice and give a few names!

What we offer

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Anxiety Counselling

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can teach anxiety sufferers to overcome the thoughts and behaviours that maintain anxiety symptoms and cause some panic attacks.

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Depression Counselling

Mild to moderately severe depression is highly treatable, often without medication, but for many people, the most effective treatment for depression is a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and medication.

Family Counselling

Using Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and other models, Shift psychologists and psychotherapists work to provide a sense of safety in couples’ and family treatment sessions, de-escalating conflicts and helping people fix communication problems in relationships.

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Parenting Support

Parenting is one of those things that can be both the most rewarding experience of your life and the most challenging thing you’ll ever do.  We learn through experience, and we can improve on it with the help of a trusted mentor.

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Couples / Marriage Counselling

EFT and other marriage counselling techniques help both members of a couple find new ways of interacting, ways that strengthen the bond between partners.

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Work-Life Balance

Wanting to do your best at home is great. Wanting to do your best at work is also great. But there are only so many hours in a day, and a person only has so much energy to give.

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At Shift Cognitive Therapy we believe that listening to one’s own body is a fundamentally important skill because it usually tells us exactly what we need to do: Slow down, take something off your agenda and find ways to take better care of yourself.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of developing an awareness of where the mind has gone to and bringing your fullest attention back to whatever else is going on at this moment.

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Life Transitions

We see many men, women and teens who are struggling to find their way through life transitions. We help our clients begin to view their situation from a less emotional and more rationale perspective, so they can develop realistic and accurate appraisals of their true strengths and capabilities.


Cognitive Therapy is an effective treatment for PTSD because it deals directly with the thoughts and avoidance behaviours that maintain symptoms. At Shift Cognitive Therapy, we use a variety of tools to treat PTSD, including Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD and Prolonged Exposure (PE).

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Grief and Loss

There might not even be agreement about the meaning of grief or the definition of loss. Since grief comes after we’ve lost something we cherish, there are as many types of grief as there are people and things we can lose.

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Professionals and Executives

Registered psychologists are experts at helping executives and businesspeople to explore themselves and change behaviours that might be keeping them from achieving that next step in productivity or career. We help people overcome the anxiety and fear that fuels self-doubt and interferes when giving presentations or leading meetings.

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School Performance

There are many reasons why children might struggle in school that have nothing to do with intelligence or academic ability. These include behavioural issues, anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation and school refusal.

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ADHD & Learning Disabilities

The term learning disabilities (also known as Specific Learning Disorders and LDs) refers to a wide range of problems and issues that make it difficult for a student to learn core academic skills.

Fear of Flying Therapy

We offer individual treatment sessions for the fear of flying, as well as weekend group treatments, if you want to get over your fear of flying quickly. Our Non Flyer group treatment program is a very popular option that participants rank very highly.