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Anxiety can leave you feeling suddenly terrified or like you’re losing control. Whether it comes unexpectedly, like a panic attack, or in the form of persistent worries about what might happen if you make a wrong decision, the heart can race, you can feel sweaty and start to doubt whether everything is okay.

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Everyone feels depressed some of the time. For most of us, a depressed mood might last only a day or two. But for some, those feelings of sadness, the loss of motivation and appetite, and the experience of just going through the motions can last for weeks or months.

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Marriage Counselling / Couples Therapy

EFT and other couples counselling techniques help our clinicians focus on getting to know both members of the couple, learning what their strengths and challenges are. We move forward with techniques to build skills and help the couple to overcome old, repetitive arguments so common in long-term relationships. The goal of EFT is to establish new ways of interacting, ways that strengthen the bond between partners.

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Grief & Loss

Losing something important can cause a pain and sadness that is difficult to describe. Regardless of whether it was a person, a beloved pet, a job or personal role that was lost, the grief and sadness can leave life looking flat and empty.

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Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Whether they occur together or separately, learning disabilities and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder can make it more difficult for students to meet their full potential and find success. LDs can affect reading, writing and math. ADHD (also referred to by some as ‘ADD’) can make sitting still or paying attention more challenging.

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As the pace of life goes faster, keeping up can feel so difficult. Meeting deadlines, balancing work and family, caring for kids and aging parents, and trying to carve out a little bit of time for yourself can take a toll. Often, it can seem like the only option is to put your head down and just keep going.

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If you’re here, reading this page it’s because you or someone you care about is struggling. People don’t come to see psychologists and therapists because they’re feeling great. They come because something doesn’t feel right and they want some help. Finding the right fit for you is important, but how do you choose a therapist? How do you find a good one without wasting your time and money?


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Dr. Ian Shulman

Psychologist, Clinic Director

Candice Hamilton-Miller

Registered Psychotherapist

Dr. Lisa Dulgar-Tulloch, PhD


Dr. Jo-Ann Reitzel, PhD


Ali Shahrami, M.Ps.


Dr. Kristina Wilder, PhD


What to Expect From Therapy

When you get in touch with us we will arrange a brief and free telephone consultation to listen to your concerns and find out what you are looking for. We will pair you with a therapist who will be a good fit for your needs and help you to schedule that first appointment, usually within a week or two.

Most people see our therapists for anywhere from 6 – 20, 1-hour sessions, depending on the nature and severity of the issues they are presenting with. All of our treatments are supported by research and are applied collaboratively, meaning that our psychologists and counsellors strive to work together with you, as partners, to get you where you want to be. Treatment sessions might be scheduled weekly at the start to give you lots of opportunity to learn techniques to change behaviour and problematic thinking. Once you have the skills, treatment sessions can be set at longer intervals, to give you more time for practice. We also offer weekend workshops for some conditions, like the fear of flying

Most of the services we provide are covered by extended health benefits insurance under the categories of ‘Psychological Services’ and ‘Psychotherapy Services’.

When to do a Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychoeducational assessments are useful when children and teens struggle with learning or behaviour, or when their social or emotional skills are less developed than expected. These challenges can be symptoms of hidden problems with attention or organization or reflect learning disabilities that affect academic skills, like reading and math.

Left unidentified, educational problems can spiral into secondary issues, like low self-esteem, depression, school refusal, anxiety and anger. Psychoeducational assessments are also useful to identify gifted children who might benefit from additional educational resources. We can address working memory deficits and inattention with our Cogmed Working Memory Training Program.

Early assessment, diagnosis and treatment give you and your child the tools necessary to use existing strengths to overcome limitations before problems take root. We conduct comprehensive psychological and educational assessments of children between the ages of 5 and 19 years. We also provide assessments for teens going on to post-secondary education.


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Now open for in-person sessions!

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Dr. Ian Shulman and Ali Shahrami will be resuming face-to-face sessions starting in early August for clients who prefer to meet in-person. If you're coming into our space, please feel confident knowing that we have cleaning and physical distancing practices in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

We’ve closed our waiting room to visitors, and ask that you stay outside the building until your appointment time. We’ll wear a mask when we’re together with you, and we’ll ask you to do the same at all times within our suite....

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