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Anxiety can leave you feeling suddenly terrified or like you’re losing control. Whether it comes unexpectedly, like a panic attack, or in the form of persistent worries about what might happen if you make a wrong decision, the heart can race, you can feel sweaty and start to doubt whether everything is okay.

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Anxiety counselling and therapy


Everyone feels depressed some of the time. For most of us, a depressed mood might last only a day or two. But for some, those feelings of sadness, the loss of motivation and appetite, and the experience of just going through the motions can last for weeks or months.

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Depression Counselling

Marriage Counselling / Couples Therapy

EFT and other couples counselling techniques help our clinicians focus on getting to know both members of the couple, learning what their strengths and challenges are. We move forward with techniques to build skills and help the couple to overcome old, repetitive arguments so common in long-term relationships. The goal of EFT is to establish new ways of interacting, ways that strengthen the bond between partners.

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Marriage Cousnelling Oakville

Grief & Loss

Losing something important can cause a pain and sadness that is difficult to describe. Regardless of whether it was a person, a beloved pet, a job or personal role that was lost, the grief and sadness can leave life looking flat and empty.

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Grief counselling

Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Whether they occur together or separately, learning disabilities and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder can make it more difficult for students to meet their full potential and find success. LDs can affect reading, writing and math. ADHD (also referred to by some as ‘ADD’) can make sitting still or paying attention more challenging.

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Psychoeducational assessment


As the pace of life goes faster, keeping up can feel so difficult. Meeting deadlines, balancing work and family, caring for kids and aging parents, and trying to carve out a little bit of time for yourself can take a toll. Often, it can seem like the only option is to put your head down and just keep going.

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Stress management