• Our therapists in Oakville
    help with anxiety, stress,
    depression and CBT.
    Shift Cognitive Therapy

    What to Expect at Shift Cognitive Therapy

    When you get in touch with our therapist and counselling centre in Oakville, we will arrange a brief consultation with you to listen to your concerns and find out what you are looking for. After that, we will pair you with a therapist who will be a good fit for your needs and help you to schedule that first appointment, usually within a week or two.

    Most people see our therapists for anywhere from 6 – 20, 1-hour sessions, depending on the nature and severity of their issues. All of our treatments are informed by current research and applied collaboratively, meaning that our psychologists and therapists work together with you, as partners, to get you where you want to be. Treatment sessions might be scheduled weekly at the start to give you plenty of opportunities to learn techniques to change problematic thinking and behaviour.

    Once you have the skills, treatment sessions can be set at longer intervals to give you more time for practice.

    Most of the services we provide are covered by extended health benefits insurance under the categories of ‘Psychological Services’ and ‘Psychotherapy Services’.