• Dr. Adetola Grillo, PhD, CPsych

    I am proud to be part of the profession of psychology. I cannot help but feel inspired by the many opportunities my roles as psychologist and therapist offer: Journeying with clients through moments of their lives, whether briefly or over extended periods; Collaboratively nurturing safe spaces that allow us both to be uniquely and adaptively human; Exploring the challenges and complexities of life and achieving results that feel worthwhile and important, whether they were planned or unexpected. 

    I also reflect on what I bring to the table as a psychologist. Simply put, it includes warmth, intuition, and clinical skills grounded in a deep sense of professional responsibility and ethics. I also bring my personality and values, strengthened by multicultural experiences in my country of birth, places I’ve travelled to, and my new home in Canada. 

    I work with adults with a diversity of concerns, applying primarily cognitive-behavioural theories and interventions as well as other, effective therapeutic approaches.