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    Dr. Jo-Ann Reitzel, PhD, CPsych

    I have over 40 years of experience in clinical and research psychology. My broad background and training help me to work with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children having a variety of issues, including concerns with development, learning and inattention, autism spectrum disorders, and social, behavioural or emotional mental health problems.

    I am a child and family psychologist with a deep respect for the dignity of all families. I believe that professional relationships are truly helpful when they build a foundation for psychological insights about the strengths and needs of parents and a child, and when they lead towards meaningful, real-life changes for a family. To get there, I strive to learn about each child I work with, and I value inputs from others who also know the child well, like teachers and doctors.

    I take an open, energetic and often playful approach with my clients, and the treatment approaches I use are scientifically proven.