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Ali Shahrami,M.Ps., C.Psych.

Ali Shahrami is a clinical psychologist and a Board Certif…
Ali Shahrami, M.Ps., C.Psych.

About Us

Shift Cognitive Therapy + Assessment is a psychology practice in Oakville, Ontario where the focus is on helping people make important changes in their lives. Using cognitive behaviour therapy and other, research-based therapeutic techniques, our registered psychologists and psychotherapists will work with you and your family as active partners, to help you understand your feelings, your needs and yourselves better.

We teach skills to help you feel like you have greater control over emotions and thoughts; skills that help to build a sense of personal power that you can use to break old habits and create new and more comfortable ways of being.

We have been providing quality psychological therapy and assessment services to the children, adolescents, couples, families, and individual adults of Halton Region since 2004, always striving to help our clients feel at ease and cared for, especially when struggling with the types of challenging life events that so often move people to seek assistance.

We seek to create the kind of supportive and effective environment we would want for our own families because we understand that all people struggle some of the time. As part of that commitment, we personalize the services we offer to you and take steps to pair you with the therapist we believe will be the best fit for your particular challenges and needs.

Treatment sessions usually occur every one to two weeks and are typically 1 hour in length. An average course of treatment lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 sessions and most of our services are covered by Extended Health Benefits insurance.

Psychoeducational Assessments

Psychoeducational assessments are useful when children and teens struggle with learning or behaviour, or when their social or emotional skills are less developed than expected. These challenges can be symptoms of hidden problems with attention or organization or reflect learning disabilities that affect academic skills, like reading and math.

Left unidentified, educational problems can spiral into secondary issues, like low self-esteem, depression, school refusal, anxiety and anger. Psychoeducational assessments are also useful to identify gifted children who might benefit from additional educational resources.

Early assessment, diagnosis and treatment give you and your child the tools necessary to use existing strengths to overcome limitations before problems take root. We conduct comprehensive psychological and educational assessments of children between the ages of 5 and 19 years. We also provide assessments for teens going on to post-secondary education.

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